leap: Lease Extension Calculator For Estate Agents

In 2018, we launched leap -  the ONLY online lease extension calculator for estate agents.

In the complex world of leasehold, trying to establish the likely cost of a lease extension can be difficult and the leap online calculator is an excellent starting point to estimate an initial ballpark figure.

Any online calculator of this kind can only be an estimate, but Leasehold Valuers has worked hard to analyse recent market data, court decisions and a myriad of other sources and believe leap to be the most accurate lease extension calculator available. It is also the only calculator that is able to calculate the likely cost of a lease extension by specific regional location.

To access leap visit: https://leaseholdportal.co.uk/

The lease extension process must not commence without seeking prior formal professional advice from a specialist valuer (and a specialist solicitor). If you or any of your clients wish to take action to extend a lease or purchase a freehold, then please contact us.


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